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Books, Patterns, Video - Kids Books
Quantity Price Item# Description
Friendship Bracelets 101
$7.95 241002 D.O. Books - FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS 101 by Suzanne McNeill 19 pages
Hemp Jewelry
$11.99 240900 Book - HEMP JEWELRY by Suzanne McNeil. 64 pages
Lewis & Clark for Kids
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$24.95 3503841 Books: Lewis & Clark for Kids (Their journey of Discovery with 21 Activities) by Janis Herbert
Western Pioneers Coloring Boo
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$6.95 350388 Books - Western Pioneers Coloring Book by Peter F. Copeland 47 pages
Big Bold Beads
$7.95 241005 D.O. Books - BIG BOLD BEADS. Fun projects for boys and girls. 19 pages
Friendship Bracelets 102
$7.95 241003 D.O. Books - FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS 102. 19 pages
Friendship Flags
$7.95 243159 Books-Friendship Flags Book Design Originals
$7.95 241001 D.O. Books - HEMP IT UP WITH BEADS by Janie Ray 19 pages
Lanyards A-Z
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$8.99 241004 D.O. Books - LANYARDS A-Z. Fun projects for plastic lace, gimp or scoubidou. 19 pages
Leather to Rubber Stamp
$7.95 243250 Books-Leather to Rubber Stamp Book Design Originals
Party Projects
$6.95 242492 Books-Party Projects Book
Pom Pom Projects
$7.95 241006 D.O. Books - POM POMS 50+ Projects 19 pages
Preserve Your Garden Book
$7.95 243026 Books-Preserve Your Garden Book Design Originals
Pressed Flowers Book
$7.95 243059 Books-Pressed Flowers Book Design Originals
Spirit Stones
$5.95 242511 Books-Spirit Stones Book
United We Stand Book
$7.95 242517 Books-United We Stand Book Design Originals
$12.99 700074 Books - ZANY WOODEN TOYS RELOADED by Bob Golsdorf. 111 pages
Mouse trap Racers
Education and Science book
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$14.95 700076 Books - Doc Fizzix MOUSETRAP RACERS by Alden J. Balmer 142 pages
Sticker Books
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$2.95 707103 Books - Cowboy Stickers by Steven James Petruccio
Horse Nature Stories
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$7.95 707102 Books - Stickers/ Horses/ Nature Sticker Stories by Edward Heins
The Ultimate Cowboy Sticker
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$9.95 707101 Books - Stickers- The Ultimate Cowboy Sticker
Wooden Toy Project Book
28 projects to build
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$19.95 700075 Books - ZANY WOODEN TOYS that WHIZ, SPIN, POP AND FLY by Bob Golsdorf. 223 pages

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