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Toys & Novelties - Shooting Toys
Quantity Price Item# Description
Disk Shooter Gun
Shooter with 5 foam disks
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$2.95 2503875 Air Toy - Galaxy Shooter (Foam Disk Shooter) with 5 Disks
Marshmallow Shooter
$9.95 2503112:2503110 Kit Form - Marshmallow Shooter Air Blaster (Kit not assembled no decorative tape) complete with instructions Poly bag packaging with pre-cut parts.
Marshmellow Gun
19.5 in. long
$14.95 2503112 Guns - Small Ultimate Fun Mini Marshmallow Gun / Air Blaster : 19.5 inch Long with Twistable Mouth piece
Moon Blaster Gun
19 in.-Glow in the dark balls
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$9.95 2503872 Air Toy - Moon Blaster Gun - Plastic Glow in the Dark 19 inch Long includes 12 plastic Balls
Ping Pong Ball Gun
Ping Pong Ball Gun
$12.95 2504095 Ping Pong Ball Gun
Replacement Rubber Bands
Replacement Rubber Bands
$1.95 2500312R Replacement Rubber bands for Cedar Slingshot. Sold by the pair
Rubber Band Ammo
Pistol Rubber Band Guns
$1.75 2500310P Ammo - Rubber Band (ammo) for wood pistols Poly Bag Header
Shotgun Rubber Bang Gun
$1.75 2500310S Ammo - Rubber Band (ammo) for Shotgun Poly Bag Header
Rubber Band Pistol
Double Barrel-Cedar Wood
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$9.95 2500314 Rubberband Gun - Double Barrel Cedar Wood Pistol
Rubber Band Shotgun
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$11.95 2500316 Rubberband Gun - Double Barrel Shotgun Cedar Wood
Rubberband Gun
Rubberband Gun
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$6.95 2500311 Rubberband Gun - Repeating Wooden Rubber Band Gun with 6 rubber bands for ammo (shoots 6 bands)..Size: 12-1/2 in. long
Rubberband Pistol
Cedar Wood
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$6.95 2500313 Rubberband Gun - Cedar Wood Pistol
Sling Shot
Cedar Wood-Huck Finn Type
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$6.95 2500312 Sling Shot - Cedar Wood Sling Shot > Tom Sawyer / Huck Finn Type
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$3.95 2503656 Air Toy - Wooden Sling Shot (Note: Not intended for use by children under age 8)
6 ft. Black Bullwhip
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$5.95 2500350 Whips - Braided 6 ft Black Leather Bullwhip limited to stock on hand

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