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Leather Skins & Furs - Remnants
NOTE: Leather is sold by the square footage of the skin/side/piece unless otherwise stated. When ordering Leather, enter the average square footage from the description as your quantity to get a correct item cost total.
Quantity Price Item# Description
Chrome Tanned
Justin Boot Scrap
$5.95 998002 Remnants - Chrome Tanned Leather Pieces Assorted Remnants. Sold by the pound
$6.95 953250 Deerskin - Remnant Pieces Assorted Colors (SELL BY THE SQUARE FOOT)
$14.95 951016 Kangaroo - Remnant Pieces in Poly Bag approximately 10 oz color: Medium Brown
Lace Remnants
Suede 1-1/2 lb.
$5.95 950008 Lace Remnants- Suede Lace Remnants (1 lb/pkg) (sold by each)
$49.95 950018 Fur - Mink Remnant Pieces 4oz Bag Assorted
Embossed Exotic
$7.95 950010 Remnants - Embossed Exotic Print Leathers Color: Earth Tones Selection: Varied One of a Kind > Sold by the Piece as Marked
$1.50 9500015 Remnants - Tooling Bits- N- Pieces (cut after clicking) (sold by the ounce)
Assorted Tooling
$14.95 950000A Remnants - Assorted Tooling Leather Pieces >>(Sold by the Each) average size 3 feet
$1.95 9500016 Remnants - Bits-n- Pieces Chrome Assorted Types (After Clicking remnants Suede) (sold by the Pound)
$1.50 950005 Remnants - Assorted Leather Remnants (Sold by the ounce)
$19.95 998888 Remnants - Chrome Tanned Leather Remnants >> Price as marked ..>> Sold out when gone
Deer Skin Assorted Sizes
$6.95 950017 Remnants - Deerskin pieces assorted colors (Sold by the Each)
$1.50 949999 Remnants - PIG. Assorted colors and sizes. SOLD BY THE OUNCE
Fur Pieces
$4.95 950019 Remnants - Fur pieces (sold by the ounce)
Hair On Assorted Sizes
$4.95 950014 Hair on Remnants. Medium - 5-15 inches $ 14.95, >Large -...(Sold by the Each)
$5.95 950001 Remnants-Latigo Pound Bag..
$1.50 950006A Remnants- Latigo Oil tanned Cowhide Remnants (sold by the ounce)
Rabbit Assorted Sizes
$6.95 950015 Remnants - Rabbit Assorted Pieces (sold by pound)
$8.95 949996 Remnants - Rawhide Pieces: 4/5 oz Color: Creme ..(Sold by the Each)
Soft Garment
$5.95 950011 Remnants -Large Leather (soft garment) (Sold by the Piece)
Suede Assorted Sizes
$14.95 950013 Remmants- Sueded Cow Splits Assorted Colors and Sizes (Sold by Piece)
$11.95 950012 Remnants - Tooling Vegetable Tanned Leather Remnants (Sold by the Piece)
$24.95 950007 Remnants- Large Upholstery Cowhide Remnants (sold by the piece)
$12.95 9550011 Sheepwool Remnant - Wool Remnant 4oz

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