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Gifts & Finished Goods - School Spirit
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Highland High
$2.95 121983 Charms - HIGHLAND Lobsterclaw Charm. Black and white acrylic 3/4 inch circles with a H cut out and the H as a dangle. Comes with a lobster claw
Hillcrest High
$2.99 121992 Charms - HILLCREST H with Lobster Claw Clasp Green acrylic 3/4 inch circle with a H cut out. Comes with a jump ring and Lobster Claw Clasp
Dog Tag
Highland High
$2.95 121979 Laser Metal Dog Tag - HIGHLAND. Black tag with Highland and picture of ram
Dorg Tag
Herriman High
$2.95 122101 Laser Metal Dog Tag - HERRIMAN. Blue tag with Herriman and picture of Mustang...
Highland High
$5.99 121982 Earrings - HIGHLAND INLAY H Black and White acrylic 3/4 inch circles with a H inlay Earrings.
$5.99 121970 Earrings - AGGIE'S Blue Acrylic with Etched "A" on it.
Herriman High
$6.99 122100 Earrings - Herriman H Blue acrylic 3/4 inch circles with an etched H...
Highland High
$5.99 121980 Earrings - HIGHLAND H Black or white acrylic 3/4 inch circles with a H cut out Earring Set.
$5.99 121981 Earrings - HIGHLAND Double H's Black & White acrylic Earrings Set.
$5.99 121987 Earrings - Highland High. Black acrylic circle with a solid Etched H on it..
Hillcrest High
$5.99 121990 Earrings - HILLCREST Green acrylic 3/4 inch circles with a H cut out Earrings
$5.99 121991 Earrings - HILLCREST Double Green letter H dangles 7/16 inch tall Earring Set
$5.99 121994 Earrings - HILLCREST Double letter H's Green & White acrylic Earring Set
Key Ring
Herriman High
$3.95 122102 Key Ring - HERRIMAN Blue Fob 2-1/4 in. x 1-1/4 in. with key ring with Mustang on it...
Highland High
$3.95 121984 Key Ring - HIGHLAND Black Fob 2-1/4 in. x 1-1/4 in. with key ring with Ram or the letter H on it
$3.95 121985 Key Ring - HIGHLAND Leather Fob 1-7/8 inch circle with key ring Go Rams lasered on it
Hillcrest High
$3.95 121993 Key Ring - HILLCREST Green acrylic key ring with HUSKY logo
Highland High
$14.95 121986 Wristband - HIGHLAND Leather & Acrylic Laser Etched Adjustable Wristband

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